from skin’s chest
do peito da pele


From Francisco Mallmann’s poem ‘What We Will Do With It’ published in 2018 in the book ‘There Will Be a Party With What Is Left’, Keythe and Rudolfo, who had their childhood in evangelical settings, frame the corps under the gaze of a Christian’s cross, which from Brazil Colony surrounds our realities. The work resembles the moral, punitive and dominant look and its reframing by Brazilian ‘bichas’. Christofacism, LGBTphobia, and Brazilian LGBT pop art are
the sources of the collage that narrates, almost liturgically by the poem’s own author, the various alternatives we have to do with God if he comes back.


Previous Screenings
2019. Núcleo SESI Audiovisual. Exhibition: “Os corpos estão diante das telas” Curitiba/Brasil. From 18th to 20th November.

Video Format
9:16 mp4 or DCP 4k
Stereo – Color
Original Language: Portuguese
Subtitle: English


Keythe Tavares

When asked what she works with, the answer is: I am an image worker. Tour audiovisual, digital, analogue and manual collage. She also makes food that feeds his body and soul and writes poems that adorn hers notebooks, maybe one day a book comes out.


Rudolfo Auffinger

I have a film and advertising degree. At school I danced since I was a kid. Today, I’m a film producer and editor working as a freelancer for 10 years. Among the main works, I produced the series
for Canal Futura, ‘Diz Aí:Fronteiras II’. I edited the short film ‘The Factory‘ (selected from over 60 film festivals) and produced the Lapa Film Festival for two consecutive editions. I am currently editing William de Oliveira’s first feature, “Ursa” and in parallel seeking my first experiences in Direction. My complete portfolio at http://rudolfo.art.br 

Francisco Mallmann

Francisco Mallmann holds a degree in Performing Arts from the Faculty of Arts of Paraná (FAP) and Social Communication – Qualification Journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUC-PR). She is a resident artist at Selvática Artistic Action and acts at the intersection of poetry, performance, dramaturgy
and art criticism. He is the creator and editor of Bocas Malditas – scene, critic and other dialogues. His most recent plays are Cabaret Macchina (Selvatic Artistic Actions, co-authored with Leonarda Glück and Ricardo Nolasco), Another Word (Sudden Theater Company), Not to Die (Scenic Space) and Pine and Cliffs (Selvatic
Artistic Actions). He is master in Philosophy (PUCPR) and author of the books there will be party with what is left (URUTAU, 2018) and “rough skin language” (megamini, 7Letras, 2019). He is the creator of two research groups associated with Casa Selvática, MEMBRANA – a group of writers, readers, and listeners; and GranGran – a collective that investigates performativity and hybrid arts. His recent works and research especially mobilize decoloniality as a ground for articulation. In the expanded field of art criticism, he has been
producing performative textualities that articulate – beyond a critical format – a reflective behavior. He was responsible for the critical activities of the International Noise EnCena Festival, integrates the Critical Encounters of the Curitiba Theater Festival, is a critic of the 20min.mov project, is a guest critic of the New Repertory Show, was a guest critic at the Solar Show of Hoffmann House and develops innumerable creations of circumstantial contexts for the development of textualities of / in / about art. He is a member of the AICT International Theater Critics Association – affiliated with UNESCO. He is the coordinator of the department of temporary and itinerant exhibitions of the Holocaust Museum of Curitiba.

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Submitting Person

Name: Rudolfo Auffinger
Address: R. Albano Reis, 381 – Ahú – Curitiba Brasil CEP 80530-380
Phone: +55 41 999060660
email: cinerudolfo@gmail.com

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